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Reportedly Doom Eternal Can Be Played Up To 1000 FPS

High FPS (Framerate Per-Second) is the dream of all gamers, especially PC games. The reason is that the higher the FPS, the smoother the quality of the games they can play. Junebe this is the reason why Id Software as the developer of the game Doom Eternal, claims that their game will be playable at 1000 FPS!.

“Of course all of this is achieved if the hardware is right, the game will be able to reach 1000 FPS, that’s the maximum we can do now.” They told ID Tech 6.

As we know, “1000 FPS is an amazing number, but the problem is that there is no hardware that can reach that number. While the highest refresh rate on the monitor for now is the range of 240 Hz and for 480 Hz is being developed by several companies. said Billy Kahn, Id Software’s lead engine programmer.

Of course, this is only devoted to the PC version of Doom Eternal and other consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, only at a maximum of 60 FPS. It says the game will release on June 20, 2022 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.