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Recommended Hero OP for June 2022 Every Role in Mobile Legends!

Recommended Hero OP for June 2022 Every Role in Mobile Legends!

Entering the month of June 2022, of course, many changes will occur. Moreover, the new patch was present at the end of last June.

Of course, with this role change, you should know that this is the line of OP heroes that you must pick in June 2022 Mobile Legends.

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This line of heroes has proven to be strong and masters their respective roles according to SPIN Esports.

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Role Jungler – Ling

Top Jungler mobile legends
Photo via DeviantArt

First there is Ling, why Ling? Because this hero is indeed a mainstay especially regarding new changes where he relies more on Critical than Attack speed.

This makes Ling an Assassin with high burst damage. Not to mention the immune Ultimate makes it difficult to catch.

Role Roamer – Franco

Hero counter Franco
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

Franco is one of the annoying roamers this season. The pull is able to reset the buff, especially the blue buff which can make it difficult for the opponent jungler to level up.

Not to mention his Ultimate which cannot be canceled because it has a suppression effect, it is certain that if it is hit, it can die instantly.

Role Midlaner – Xavier

Mobile legends mage emblem
Photo via Novazenn

The name of this one does not need to be doubted as an OP hero in the midlaner section. CC is there, the damage is also great. Make this hero a tire and pick subscription for now.

Role Explaner – Thamuz

Hero op fighter mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

Thamuz according to SPIN Esports is very strong in the new patch. Because of the buff in the latest patch that increases the value of Thamuz. In addition to high damage, Thamuz also has thick durability and is needed by an explaner.

Role Goldlaner – Beatrix

Mobile legends new hero
Photo via Pinterest

Even though in nerf, Beatrix’s weapon is still very strong. Not to mention that Beatrix has 4 Ultimates, not to mention the modes are diverse and unpredictable.

Beatrix could switch to Wesker mode and deal damage when you approach her.

That’s the OP hero recommendation for June 2022 that you can prioritize when playing in Mobile Legends rank mode. The heroes are strong.

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