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Recommended 5 Heroes That Are Suitable For Solo Ranked

Playing Mobile Legends is something that Gamers often do. Of course in playing must have a goal to achieve. Reaching the highest Tier is the main goal of Mobile Legends players. However, achieving this goal is not easy, especially for solo players. Solo players have a hard time playing Ranked. Of course, there are lots of things that get in the way, especially the Noob Team, Feeder, AFK and so on. For you solo players, I will provide information about suitable heroes in playing solo ranked. Because there are some heroes who are important to win. What are these heroes, let’s look at them directly.

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This female sniper is very popular in this Season 8. Marksman type heroes with Critical Damage specialists make this Hero very suitable for those of you who are often ranked solo. What’s more, this Hero is quite comfortable even for beginners. Accompanied by good playing skills, this Hero will become a hero who brings victory for those of you who are often ranked solo.


This cute and beautiful hero has always been a bone of contention as a Hero Mage filler. His strength and expertise need not be questioned anymore, because in the hands of the right pilot this Hero can bring the team to victory easily. This hero is a solution for those of you who often lose because you play solo.


Next is the Hero Assassin with the characteristics of a reliable fencer. At the beginning of its appearance until now this Hero has always been a bone of contention for the teams in Ranked mode. This is because Lancelot can Farm and Clear Lane quickly, not only that this Hero always dominates the game from beginning to end. This hero is perfect for those of you who want to win in solo rankings. Even so this Hero is quite difficult to play, because that is why it is recommended to train first.


Become one of the Tanks that is a bone of contention in Ranked mode. This is because Johnson is able to become the perfect shield for his team. Not only that, this Hero can also easily gank enemies throughout the map area though. So for those of you who want to win in Ranked solo, this Hero is the solution.


Fast, agile and deadly are the skills of this Hero in fighting. Not only that, anyone who uses this Hero will be the main highlight in his team. Because Fanny is the most difficult Hero in Mobile Legends, if in the hands of a player who is an expert on this hero, it will be a major factor in the victory of his team. For those of you who are often ranked solo, using this Hero is mandatory for those of you who want to always win. However, if the skill in playing this Hero is still small, it is recommended to continue practicing until you are really good at it.