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Recommended 11 Best Game Stores in Indonesia (Online and Offline)

Game shops from the very beginning of the video game market in Indonesia are still in great demand to visit. Along with the development of technology, many game stores in Indonesia have adapted to using online platforms, starting by creating their own websites, or through e-commerce websites such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and the like. Because it supports today’s infrastructure using an online platform, opening an online game store is very easy. When you already have a product that is ready to be sold, all you have to do is create an account and sell the products you want to sell.

The spread of online stores makes the competition even tougher. Buyers have to be more selective when looking for online game stores they want to visit. Despite the increasing number of online stores selling games, offline stores are by no means abandoned. Many shops are still standing because for some people choose to have their own sensation. On this occasion, Game Buddy will discuss recommendations for the best game stores in Indonesia that you can visit. If you want to buy a game and are confused about finding a game store, let’s follow this article to the end.

Recommended 10 Best Game Stores in Indonesia

1. PS Enterprise

This store is quite famous, especially among old generation gamers (generation X and millennials). This store has been around since 2000 and is now the official Sony PlayStation distributor in Indonesia. This game store located at ITC Mangga Dua is perfect for those of you who want to buy a PS4 console and its games. Even so, PS Enterprise or PSE sells other consoles such as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch as well as PC physical games. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the collections offered by PSE.

Address and Contact:

ITC Mangga Dua 2nd Floor Block D33, Jalan Mangga Dua, North Jakarta
Phone: 021-62300767/081289322345
WhatsApp: 081290089933/08568279678
Tokopedia: Psegameshop
Facebook: PS Enterprise
Instagram: @psegameshop

2. DraKuli Games Store

This store is also one of our favorites. One of the reasons is that it has a complete collection and also sells various game accessories, from controllers to additional accessories. This shop is perfect for those of you who live in the South Jakarta area because DraKuli Game Store is located at STC Senayan. Besides that, if you’re looking for cool action figures, they’re also here for sale.

Game Store

Address and Contact

STC Senayan Ground Floor 27-28, South Jakarta
Phone: 021-57931692
Instagram: @DraKuliGames
Facebook: Draculi Games Store
Tokopedia: Draculi Games Store

3. Multi Games Indonesia

This game shop is arguably one of the legendary. This store even opened in the 90s. The first time this store was named Multi Toys. Then a few years later, the owner changed it to Multi Games. In addition to selling games, consoles, and other accessories, Multi Games is known for selling toys or action figures. The collection of action figures is also very abundant. This store for us is heaven for gamers and pop culture (Japanese and American) lovers. This games shop is located in North Jakarta, namely Kelapa Gading.

Game Store

Address and Contact

Jl Gading Kirana Timur, Blok A13 no.25, Kelapa Gading Permai, North Jakarta
Phone: 021-4515164/021-4515165
WhatsApp: 08111991699/08111879799
Facebook: Multi Gameshop

4. Gameplay

For those of you who live in the Bandung area, this is a game shop with a large collection called Gameplay. This shop is located at Ruko Pascal Hypersquare. The shop is also quite big, you can walk around first before you decide what to buy. Apart from games, this game shop also provides some toys or action figures.

Address and Contact

Ruko Paskal Hyper Square Blok B.48 Jl Pasirkaliki, Kb. Andir Oranges, Bandung City, West Java
Instagram: Indonesian Gameplay
Tokopedia: Indonesian Gameplay

5. Viva Games Jogja

We go to Jogjakarta where the development of the video game market there has been progressing since decades ago. One of our favorite game shops in the city of Jogja is Viva Games Jogja. This store provides a variety of the latest and updated products. In addition, Viva Games Jogja has a fairly complete collection of physical games. For you Yogya people, you can make Viva Games your shop of choice.

Address and Contact

Jl Kusumanegara No. 69, Yogyakarta
Phone: 087777267772
Instagram: Viva Games Jogja

6. Vega Toys & Hobbies

Another legendary game shop in Bandung. This game store became known when a game magazine Game Station (RIP), advertised this game store. Previously, this game store had a branch in Jakarta, namely at Mal Ambassador Kuningan, but now, only one store remains. Even so, this store remains one of the best in Bandung because they sell not only games, but also lots of action figures so that collectors don’t have to be confused when they want to find their target collection.

Address and Contact

Jl. Banda No. 33 Citarum, Bandung Wetan District, Bandung City, West Java
Instagram: Vega Toys
Tokopedia: Vega Toys

7. Next Game Surabaya

We turn to one of the largest cities in Indonesia, Surabaya. This one store is located at PTC Surabaya. The game collection is also quite complete. This store sells game consoles ranging from PS4, Nintendo Switch, and also Xbox One. Not only that, Next Game provides Kindle for those of you who like to read books but want to summarize them into one tool.

Address and Contact

Pakuwon Trade Center Blok E9 No. 33 Jl. Junejen Yono Suwoyo No. 2 Swipe, Kec. Wiyung, Surabaya City, East Java
Instagram: Next Game Surabaya

WhatsApp: 083857363359

8. GS Shop Medan

Actually this shop is located in several big cities including Jakarta. You could say this store is the largest game franchise store in Indonesia. This is because GS Shop provides many things gamers want, from BD PS4 and Xbox One along with their consoles, Nintendo Switch, and many accessories that gamers can take home. In addition, for PC master races, you can get accessories or fill out the Steam Wallet here.

Address and Contact

Jl Gatot Subroto No. 30 Plaza Medan Fair, Medan, North Sumatra
Phone: 061-4140232

9. Game World

One of the shops in the city of Makassar which in our opinion is one of the best services and collections. This shop is located at SPM MTC. This store sells a variety of updated PS4 BD titles and also sells the new PS4 console along with the promo package. Not only that, you have never experienced PS3, you can buy it here.

Address and Contact

SPM MTC Karebosi, Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 12, Pattunuang, Kec. Wajo, Makassar City, South Sulawesi
Phone: 085242956100

10. Waroengame

In our opinion, this shop has very good service. Even before you buy a game or console, you can consult first. In addition, this game shop also provides action figures for collectors. Plus, if your console is broken you can take it to this shop because this shop provides service.

Address and Contact

Mangga Dua Square GF Floor, Blok C No. 179A, North Jakarta
WhatsApp: 08995056987

11. Bhinneka

This shop is one of the first computer shops to have online services. This shop has branches everywhere, but its center is in Gunung Sahari. Although known for selling computers or laptops, Bhinneka also provides game consoles along with the games. You can also visit the online store if you are lazy to move to visit the physical store.

Address and Contact

Jl Gunung Sahari No. 73C RT9/RW7 Gunung Sahari Selatan, Kemayoran District, Central Jakarta City