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With the best video quality in any lighting conditions, Razer’s new webcam delivers the best image quality for professional-level video conferencing

Razer™, brand lifestyle industry leader for gamers, today announced its newest product, the Razer Kiyo Pro, a USB camera with Adaptive Light Sensor high performance to produce the best image quality even in low light conditions. Combining a sensor ultra-sensitive With CMOS and STARVIS™* technology, Kiyo Pro delivers professional-level image quality for video conferencing as well as stream.

With the need to work from home in a professional working life, the demand for better picture quality during video calls is growing rapidly than ever before. The camera embedded in the laptop cannot provide resolution and framerate what professionals need when making conference calls and most webcams not ideal in dealing with low lighting resulting in dim and blurry image quality and will have an impact on professional presentations. Kiyo Pro solves these problems with Adaptive Light Sensor high-performance and produce good image quality in any lighting conditions.

“Intended for video conferencing and streaming, smooth and clear video quality in any light is the most important part of the Razer Kiyo Pro experience,” so said Alvin Cheung, senior vice president of Razer peripherals. “The Kiyo Pro, with its fantastic low-light performance, is ideal for those who work from home and want to make a good impression on their customers and co-workers including streamers who want to entertain their audience with bright and vibrant picture quality.”

Advanced Imaging. Absolute Fidelity.

The latest CMOS Type 1/2.8 sensor is at the core of the Kiyo Pro combined with STARVIS™ technology. STARVIS™ is a technology back-illuminated pixels which is usually used in surveillance cameras with CMOS sensors that aim to create a high quality image. By incorporating this technology into the Kiyo Pro, the resulting video conferencing calls will have consistently bright and clear image quality even in different light conditions that are usually found in working from home environments such as dim rooms, harsh lighting, backlighting or just the light from the screen.

Kiyo Pro is able to deliver full HD 1080p 60FPS video quality for clear and detailed images. There is a gradient 30FPS HDR mode dynamic range even directly corrects areas of under or overexposure, removing black shadows when the subject is backlit, resulting in brighter colors and brighter images.

Lens wide on Kiyo Pro provides three options field of view: 103°, 90° or 80° ideal for video conferencing or stream. Field of View 103° is wide enough to show everyone in a group video call or allow viewers stream to clearly see the activities of the streamers, whereas field of view 80° suitable for head-focused displays during presentations or facecam moment stream games.

Flexible and Fast

Kiyo Pro has various features to adapt to any conditions and situations. With mounting flexible for a monitor, desk or tripod, the Kiyo Pro can be positioned perfectly as a camera stream regardless of the available area. Field of view wide area and tripod make the Kiyo Pro ideal for group conference calls, and 16-bit stereo microphones, omni-directional ensure that all voices from participants are captured perfectly.

For maximum uncompressed video performance, the Kiyo Pro uses a USB 3.0 connection to send a 5GB signal per second. A cover webcams for privacy is also provided to protect the lens as well as ensure the privacy security of the current user webcams not being used.

For more information about the Razer Kiyo Pro, please check here.

* STARVIS™ is copyright of Sony Corporation.