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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love's Biggest Update Ever

Join the adventure to experience new worlds, new classes, new questlines, efficient leveling and visual upgrades.

The adventure has just begun in the world of Midgard, as the fantasy RPG Ragnarok M: Eternal has now gone beyond its evolutionary phase with the massive RO 2.0 update. Offering tons of new content and game-enhancing features, RO 2.0 will propel new and veteran adventurers into the most definitive version of the popular mobile game according to the world of Ragnarok Online.
The biggest update is the expansion of the already massive RO:M world with a new map, Eclage, and questline for adventurers to discover. As they embark on an epic new journey in this fairy land, they will find themselves embroiled in conflict between factions vying for control while facing unforeseen dangers in the mind-boggling realm known as the Palace of Beauty.

New adventurers and veterans alike can explore the land as Ninja, a new class that combines sword-based and shuriken-based attacks with ninjutsu spells that can create powerful creatures and confuse enemies. With a versatile skill set, adventurers of various play styles can adapt to any role to dispatch enemies or help their teammates.

RO 2.0 will also allow adventurers to enjoy virtually unlimited content thanks to a series of major gameplay improvements that minimize boredom. With the addition of the new Cryputra Academy, a large campus where adventurers can quickly reach Lv. 120, adventurers can spend more time defeating elite MVP creatures and fighting alongside their friends in high-level battles.

Complementing these features are many graphic enhancements, such as improved textures and lighting, a better UI, and a new camera control system that lets adventurers switch between traditional isometric perspectives and camera views freely. With this new look and a series of updates, the stage for an amazing new adventure for all is set.

RO 2.0 will be launched on Feb 26, 2022. Adventurers can enjoy RO 2.0 and be pioneers of a new server generation now. Download here:

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