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Puzzle Audition, Play Puzzle Games While Joget

Of course you are no stranger to Ayodance or Audition games. This game is still showing its existence until now. Support from Megaxus as the publisher is also still very good for this game. So what if the Ayodance character becomes a puzzle game character?

As reported by MMO Culture, it turns out that Hanbitsoft is developing a puzzle game by taking characters from the Audition game. What’s unique about this game is that apart from matching elements like a typical puzzle game, the characters played will dance to the rhythm.

The game, which is planned to be named Puzzle Audition, has actually passed the close beta period in June 2022. It’s just that this game still needs improvement here and there.

The game, which will also have a battle royale mode, is planned to be released for mobile considering that mobile gamers now dominate more than PC gamers. How about you guys? Are you interested in trying?