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PUBG Will Release Game With Storyline, Officially In The Making!

Is it true that the PUBG game will be released with a storyline?

For PC game lovers from the past, of course, you are already familiar with games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or often called PUBG.

This game is very popular even when the beta version was first released, and when it was released this game immediately spread to various countries.

Because it is too famous, to the point that Tencent issued a Mobile version that can be played anytime and anywhere.

The PUBG game does not have a storyline, this game only collects 100 people in 1 map, and survives until you are the last person.

Although this game turns out to have lore or the story behind the game, but the story was not introduced into the game.

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It was recently heard that PUBG will release a game that has a storyline.

This has been confirmed by the PUBG Mobile company, Krafton, who said there would be a new PUBG game with missions that have a plot.

This game will be made by Strike Distance Studio, which is one of the studios that contributed to the creation of Dead Space and Call of Duty.

On the other hand, the developer has not provided any leaks regarding the game that is in this process.

It’s been 1 year since it was first reported that PUBG has collaborated with this big studio.

It’s just a matter of time when the game in question will come out globally.

According to information, the studio has hired more than 100 employees to expand its team and open a second location in Spain.

So, are you curious about the PUBG game that will be released? What’s the story like?

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