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PUBG Mobile x Blackpink Collaboration Release Date News!

This is the release date of the PUBG Mobile X Blackpink Collaboration!

Have you seen the leak of the new PUBG Mobile collaboration 3 days ago when it was first released?

Unexpectedly, PUBG Mobile will collaborate with one of the Top Korean Girlband BlackPink.

Although the picture shown is still a shadow, but the whole community can already guess.

Moreover, we know that the PUBG game is quite popular in South Korea, apart from League of Legends (LOL).

Therefore, there is a possibility that the collaboration with this famous girl group will really happen.

Curious when this event will be released? Let’s see what’s up!

When will the collaboration be released?

Collaboration PUBG Mobile x Blackpink rumored to be coming out soon 17 September 2022 tomorrow.

If it is true that Blackpink will enter PUBG Mobile, then Season 15 is not as bad as we think, guys!

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The proof that the shadow is blackpink is from one of the merch which is clear on the brand poster of the four in the car released by PUBG Mobile.

For the blinks (a nickname for blackpink fans) must know that the hammer hanging on the poster is one of the famous merch from backpink.

This collaboration is an effort to introduce New Erangel to PUBG Mobile players.

Yep, although it’s not certain that this collaboration will actually bring the four angels to PUBG Mobile, the possibility is also quite large.

Possible Coming Out!

Pubg x Blackpink

We can guess, maybe some features will be out in PUBG Mobile to welcome this collaboration.

Of course there will be dance emotes Blackpink’s version, for a girl group with good dance, does not rule out the possibility of PUBG Mobile releasing a new dance emote.

New character? Yes, it could be that one of the four girl group members becomes a new character in PUBG Mobile after Andy was released.

Don’t forget the famous hammer from the blackpink merch on the poster, guys! Surely there is one melee weapon that gets that skin, we’re guessing Crowbar Skins.

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