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PUBG Mobile will be Unbanned & Back to India? Here's the proof!

PUBG Mobile will be Unbanned & Back to India? Here’s the proof!

As of September 2022, the Indian government has blocked as many as 118 applications from China, and among them is PUBG Mobile.

Therefore, it has been almost 2 months since PUBG Mobile was banned in the country and of course this loss is felt by the Indian Esports community.

PUBG Mobile in India has a huge following in the esports scene and also has one of the best teams in the world, TSM.

The loss of the battle royale game from India has provoked anger from players who feel that the Indian government has damaged a very large community, and they have demanded that PUBG Mobile be returned.

Proof that PUBG Mobile will be Unbanned in India!

PUBG Mobile is back in India

Indeed, there has been some speculation that this game will be released unbanned after some streamers have given possible hints

But this time, the rumors of PUBG Mobile’s return have exploded again after PUBG Corporation has opened a job listing on their official LinkedIn profile.

The position currently open is Corporate Development Division Manager in regional India.

PUBG Mobile is back in India

In the job description, one of the responsibilities that this Division Manager will hold is to support the PUBG India preparation process with guidance from HQ.

Apart from that the person should also jointly develop an overall merger and acquisition and investment strategy for gaming and related sectors (technology, media, entertainment, etc.) especially with the context of the Indian market.

PUBG steps to get back to India

PUBG Mobile has indeed severed their relationship with Tencent which is a game developer from China in the hope that they can convince the Indian Government to allow PUBG Mobile to operate again.

So far we have not been able to confirm whether PUBG Mobile will be unbanned in India, but from the opening of the vacancy at PUBG Corporation, the possibility is quite large.

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