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PUBG Mobile Uzi vs Vector, Which Hurts the Most?

Uzi vs vector, who wins in PUBG Mobile?

Weapons are the most important items in war games as in PUBG Mobile.

There are so many types of weapons provided by the game, which we can choose according to our wishes.

There are Assault Rifles, Sub Machineguns, Shotguns, Snipers, and many more. SMG is one of the players’ favorite weapons in PUBG Mobile.

Favorite SMG in PUBG Mobile is usually in bullet weapons 9mm/orange bullet due to several factors.

This can be seen from the UMP which was previously the player’s favorite SMG, since it was updated to become a bullet .45 acp so rarely used.

Now Uzi and Vector is a player’s favorite SMG, even many pro players use it during tournaments. Why?

Which weapon then is the most reliable?

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Uzi vs Vector, Weapon Comparison!

Damage Power

These two weapons both use bullets 9mm which means that these two weapons have the same amount of damage.

Moreover, if you use it for 1 vs 1 in war, the damage will be the same.

Bullet Capacity

In this case, the two guns have different bullet counts. normally, Uzi only accommodate 25 bullets at the beginning, while Vector accommodate 19 bullets only.

With the addition Extended Magazine their bullets can also increase, Uzi becomes 35 bullets, and Vector becomes 33 bullets.

The addition is quite a lot by Vector compared to Uzi which only adds 10 bullets.


It can be said that the Vector can be a weapon that is easy to control, because it has many attachments that can be installed.

Vector has 5 slots, while Uzi only has 3 attachment slots on PUBG mobile.

Even in the early versions of PUBG Mobile, Uzi only had 2 slots because it couldn’t be given a scope.

With lots of attachments, Vector is easier to control than Uzi.

Firing Speed

Uzi vs Vector

In PUBG Mobile, the SMG weapon is famous because the bullet speed released by the weapon is very fast.

Making SMG weapons very often reliable when fighting at close range with the enemy.

Uzi is the fastest SMG weapon in PUBG Mobile with 0.0048 seconds per bullet ejected, while Vector only 0.0055 seconds.

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pubg wallpapers

Back again to your role players, uzi will provide a faster firing rate and damage to the enemy.

By using uzi, you can finish off the enemy quickly if you fight at close range.

Vector on the other hand gives you high stability, in addition to being able to use a long scope like 4x or 6x.

It all depends on how you play, and also the roles you usually use in PUBG mobile.

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