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PUBG Mobile Update Files Downgraded by 70%, Potato Cellphones Can Play!

One of the PUBG Mobile updates allows players with HP Potatoes to play!

As promised by PUBG Mobile a few days ago, that there will be happy news coming out on November 10, 2022 yesterday.

And it turned out to be very true that there was good news that came along with the Patch 1.1 Update which entered the game yesterday.

The PUBG Mobile Patch 1.1 update is a pretty big update, because it also includes a collaboration event with Metro Exodus that was promised from last August 2022.

From this update, a lot of new features were introduced to players, and they are very useful, especially for players who have weak devices.

One of the updates is a feature that allows us to manage which files we want to download, and which files do not need to be downloaded.

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PUBG Mobile files reduced by 70%, To 600 MB!

PUBG Mobile is famous for its very large file size when downloaded via the App Store or Play Store, which can usually reach 1.9GB.

With a file size that almost touches 2 GB, there are still other files that must be downloaded in the game including new modes, new maps, and event costumes.

With the new update patch 1.1, we don’t need to need a lot of space like that, and only need a minimum 600MB to play PUBG Mobile now.

The features in PUBG Mobile allow us to choose which files are needed, this way our cellphones are not full and don’t lag.

If you look in the lobby, there is a download logo on the left which will open the file page that must be downloaded.

This is where you will choose what files you need to play, and the rest you don’t need to download, so that your device is not full.

For example, if you never playing TDM mode or Payload Mode, then you can choose not to download it, and you can even delete files that you no longer need.

Of course this allows players who want to try PUBG Mobile to be able to play it, without the need to mess around with files that are too large.

Come on, those of you who have been waiting for PUBG Mobile to be lightened, you can directly download it on the Google Play Store or App Store.

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