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PUBG Mobile Players in India Will Be Restricted Playtime!

In accordance with the information that was circulated a few days ago, PUBG Mobile will soon be back in India through the information provided on the PUBG Mobile Instagram account.

After approximately 2 months, players in India have not had the chance to experience the PUBG Mobile sensation in Season 15, because the game application was banned in early September 2022.

This is because the Minister of Technology and Information Technology in India believes that this game has stolen the data of its users and sent it out of India.

A few months later, PUBG Corp. announced that it was working with Microsoft Azure to address personal data protection issues.

But reportedly, even though this game will be playable again, there will certainly be differences in it.

Here are some of the changes that are rumored to be happening in PUBG Mobile India,

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Changes in PUBG Mobile India

We all know that PUBG Mobile doesn’t provide a lot of clothes for new users, where our characters only wear underwear.

In this version, character costumes will be automatically installed in it. So the character will be covered, and will immediately wear clothes at the beginning of the game.

It is also reported that the blood effect that usually appears when dealing damage to enemies will also turn green.

This has been implemented in several countries that have their respective versions of PUBG Mobile.

pubg wallpapers

And what PUBG Mobile players will feel and see the most is, there will be a time limit feature.

This feature is provided by PUBG Corp to meet the health of teenagers in India, and will only apply there.

Here you can see that the PUBG team has also been improved to fully adapt to India. Seeing that there have been many cases in India related to this battle royale game.

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In a city in India, Gujarat, PUBG Mobile was also banned in 2022, and the police arrested 10 school students in this case.

So, what do you think about Spinners? Do you think these changes will affect their gameplay or not?

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