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PUBG Mobile Players Banned for 10 Years For Misusing Invincible Bugs

Free-to-play games usually have lots of cheaters in them. Likewise with the PUBG Mobile game. But now they have Ban Pan Team, a team specifically assigned to eradicate cheaters. Not only cheaters, they also keep an eye on bug exploits.

The video shows how a player exploits a bug in the PUBG game and gets angry after being banned. He then asked for help from the community in the hope that his account would be unbanned.

The bug allows a player who forces a login from a different device while in-game to make the player invisible.

Initially the PUBG team thought it was just an ordinary bug, but after knowing the fact that the bug is often used by cheaters to gain victory in the game, they decided to ban players for 10 years who exploit the bug.