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PUBG Mobile Indonesia is sure to get gold in the 2022 SEA Games!

Indonesia is sure to get a gold medal in the PUBG Mobile Sea Games 2022 branch!

The biggest sports Olympics in Southeast Asia, namely the SEA Games will be back in 2022 to come.

The big game in Southeast Asia which will be held in Vietnam next year will present various kinds of sports as usual.

The host of the 2022 SEA Games itself has proposed adding 4 sports to be competed, including one of them is Esports.

Doung Vi Khoa, Vice President of the Vietnam Recerational Esports Association and Head of the Vietnam Esports Delegation, said that there are several esports titles to be competed at the upcoming 2022 SEA Games, such as Dota 2, Arena of Valor, and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

Some rumors say the game that was released at last year’s Sea Games will also be changed to another game.

Zuxxy Esports Awards 2020

Reporting from, Indonesia has very high experience and achievements in the PUBG Mobile division.

This can be seen from one of the teams from Indonesia that has won several international tournaments in the division, namely Bigetron Red Aliens.

Not long ago, one of the players, Made Bagas Pramudita, or nicknamed Zuxxy, managed to get the “Esport Mobile Player Of The Year” award issued by the 2022 Esports Awards.

PUBG Mobile Marketing Manager, Jenny, said that PUBG Moble should be fought to be able to become one of the branches in the SEA Game later.

And if PUBG Mobile really enters the SEA Games, then he believes that Indonesia can definitely win a gold medal in this sport.

With planned and regular esports programs for amateur, semi-pro, to professional players, PUBG Mobile has established an ecosystem and has become a popular online mobile game in the history of the world.” said Jenny.

Well, if it’s true that PUBG Mobile is fought for in the 2022 SEA Games sport, it looks like the Indonesian alien team could be the one representing our country, Spinners!

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