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PUBG Corporation Now Has Its Own Studio, namely PUBG Studio

PUBG Corporation left their old studio Bluehole and have their own studio for their development, with the name PUBG Studio.

PUBG Corporation has merged with KRAFTON in full as an independent system studio. This was conveyed directly by KRAFTON through their official blog. Currently, PUBG development will leave Bluehole and will become an independent studio under the name PUBG Studio and be directly under KRAFTON.

Players will not feel any difference in the game after this integration. The studio will continue to develop and provide in-game support. PUBG Studio remains focused on battle royale games and plans for PUBG IP in various places, including the esports and entertainment business.

KRAFTON revealed that the joining of PUBG as an independent studio was aimed at building a unique identity and pursuing their own creative vision. Besides PUBG Studio, there will be 3 other studios under the direction of KRAFTON, namely Strike Distance Studios, Bluehole Studio, and Rising Wings.

Strike Distance Studio is an AAA game development studio led by Glen Schofield and is currently creating an original narrative experience in the world of PUBG.

Bluehole, which previously housed PUBG, will focus more on making games with the MMORPG genre. While Rising Wings is a studio that handles game development for platforms mobile.

KRAFTON also revealed that each of these studios was created to be able to develop their capabilities for the genres they take, so that they can develop according to what they want.

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With the creation of a special studio for PUBG development, of course, it is hoped that PUBG games can be quite consistent with development on each platform they have.