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PS4 Game Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Has Officially Released On Smartphones

Good news comes for you lovers of the legendary Harvest Moon Game, because Natsume has officially announced that the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Game is officially available on the IOS and Android platforms. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a game that was originally released on PC, then followed by PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Natsume has released Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for iOS via the App Store for $14.99. As for the Android version, it will be officially released on October 2.

Of course, Natsume as the developer of this game will make exactly the same as the game on PC. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will continue to provide the same features as other Harvest Moon games. With the uniqueness to allow you to choose your gender at the beginning of the game, so here you can choose to be female or male. And the purpose of playing this game is still the same, namely rebuilding a village by farming, raising livestock, participating in festivals and having relationships between villagers, not forgetting to also marry several NPCs in the village. In total there are 10 female and male NPC candidates that you can marry in this game.