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PS4 Exclusive Game, Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC via Steam in Summer 2022!

Horizon Zero Dawn confirmed to be released to PC via Steam

Horizon Zero Dawn is a popular RPG game that has won various prestigious awards. It was developed by Guerila Games and is an exclusive game only on PS4 and is finally confirmed to be coming to PC via the Steam digital store platform.


Of course this is good news for PC gamers who are waiting for the game to come. It is known that Horizon Zero Dawn is not only present in the Standard version, but the PC version will also be available in a complete edition, complete with all the expansions and DLC that have been added. available on the PS4 version.

Well, the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled to be released this summer, but unfortunately the release date has not been announced yet. How, are you ready to play the game?