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PS Stick Development from Time to Time + Latest Prices 2022

The PS Stick is a game controller for the PlayStation. The first appearance of the PlayStation, which is about 25 years ago, made a breakthrough for game consoles around the world. During that time, the game console made by Sony has undergone many changes, including the “stick” alias controller for controlling games on the screen.

Judging from its development, Sony started the evolution of the PS controller from 1994 to June 2022, when the PS5 stick was introduced. The control device slowly underwent design changes and added features from generation to generation. So, what is the journey of the PlayStation stick that is familiar to gamers? Here’s a summary!

PS stick development from the past until now SOBATGAME

PS1 to PS5 Stick Development

There is no doubt about Sony’s actions in the world of controllers and PlayStation. There are so many innovations made by this Japanese manufacturer from the first time the PS was on the market. Well, to increase your knowledge, here are the developments of PS sticks from time to time.

Generation 1 PlayStation Stick

Latest price: IDR 30.000

PS Gen 1 SOBATGAME stick

Sony launched the first generation of PlayStation consoles and controllers in 1994 in Japan. Sony’s first stick design is similar to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This PS1 Generation 1 console has handles that extend on the right and left sides for hand grip. Already carrying the direction button (D-pad) and various action buttons in the form of triangles, rounds, crosses, and squares which will later be identical to the PlayStation console.

The designer of the first PS 1 console, Teiyu Goto, said that there is a meaning behind the buttons on the PS console. Where he explained that if the round and cross shapes represent the choices of “yes” and “no”, the square shape that resembles paper is interpreted as a menu while the triangle button is analogous to the point of view button. Sony has also presented the L1, R1, L2, and R2 buttons on the top side.

PS stick dual analog controller

Latest price: IDR 92,000 – IDR 150,000

SOBATGAME dualshock PS stick

Not stopping until the first design, in 1997 Sony re-launched their latest PS console, which was named the Dual Analog Controller. Although in terms of design, it tends to be similar to the first design, Sony has added two analog joysticks specifically designed to play the games MechWarrior 2, Ace Combat 2, and Colony Wars. This joystick can be activated by pressing the “Analog” button in the center which is also equipped with a red indicator light.

1997 Dualshock Stick

Latest price: IDR 95.000

To develop a new PS stick, Sony did not want to take long. Still in the same year as the launch of the Dual Analog Controller, this Japanese manufacturer has re-launched the latest console, the Dualshock. The shape is very similar to the Dual Analog Controller but inside there is a pair of motors that will vibrate the stick according to the actions you perform in the game. In addition, the joystick is also different from the Dual Analog Controller because the surface of the Dualshock is not concave. The material is made of textured rubber. Years later, this Sony PS console is known as the pioneer controller that will be used on the PS2 and beyond.

Dualshock 2 . controller

Latest price: IDR 100,000

PS dualshock 2 SOBATGAME

Sony also launched the PlayStation 2 or PS 2 in 2000. Along with the launch of the PS 2, the Dualshock 2 was also launched, which is an upgrade from its predecessor. Although the design is very similar, Sony pinned some differences. For example, the DualShock 2 connector which is square and the presence of analog buttons which are now more sensitive to pressure. Then Sony also presents other colors for this one controller such as satin silver, ceramic white, slate gray, and ocean blue. The interesting fact is that the Dualshock 2 is one of Sony’s best-selling controllers to date. Oh yes, if you buy Dualshock 2, don’t worry because with additional accessories, this stick can be used on PS 3.

PS Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 sticks

Latest price: IDR 150.000

PS dualshock 3 stick buddy

Sixaxis is a controller that was released together with the PS3 in 2006. PS3 Price The controller at that time was quite expensive, but that didn’t dampen the interest of buyers around the world. This controller is Sony’s first wireless PS stick. But unfortunately the existence of Sixaxis did not last long. Sixaxis was then replaced by DualShock 3, which was first released at the annual Tokyo Game Show in 2007. With the launch of Dualshock 3, production of Sixaxis stopped in 2008. Finally, DualShock 3 became the official PS3 stick. The appearance of the DualShock 3 and Sixaxis are indeed similar, but the Dualshock 3 is equipped with new features. One of them is a new vibrator engine so that it has a more real vibration sensation to players, even though it indirectly affects the weight of the Dualshock 3 which is heavier than the Sixaxis.

PS Dualshock 4 . stick

Latest price: IDR 385,000

PS dualshock 2 SOBATGAME

Ending the heyday of PS3, Sony then launched a new console called PS4. Along with this console, Sony also launched its latest generation of controllers, the DualShock 4. The DualShock 4 is Sony’s first controller to undergo a significant redesign. Because compared to previous Sony sticks, the Dualshock 4 has a wider size than before. Not only that, Sony has also replaced the “Select” and “Start” buttons to “Share” and “Option” buttons which are more relevant to the era of social media. In the middle of the two buttons is a large touchpad.

It doesn’t stop there, DualShock 4 already supports motion detection and Light Bar lights that can light up in different colors. The existence of this Share button makes it easier for you as a gamer who wants to record game activity and share it on platforms like YouTube. The DualShock 4 also has a wireless remote control system similar to that of the DualShock 3.

New DualSense PS Stick

Latest price: [Perkiraan] IDR 800,000 – IDR 1,000,000

SOBATGAME PS dualsense stick

The beginning of 2022 is a new history for Sony because it launched the PlayStation 5 controller, which was named DualSense. The design of the PS5 stick is really interesting because it has a futuristic impression and looks slimmer. Another difference is that usually Sony PS sticks come in black, but the DualSense looks different with a duo-tone mix of black and white. Another advantage of this PS5 stick is that it comes with a built-in microphone, which means that players don’t have to bother using a headset to chat with other gamers. The Light Bar lamp that was previously located above the controller on the DualShock 4 was moved around the touchpad so that it seemed more elegant.

Unique Facts About Sony PS Stick

After knowing the development of PS sticks from time to time, next are the interesting facts behind this Sony PS controller. What are the interesting things?

  • The DualSense Stick is coming with the PS5 at the end of 2022
  • The Dualshock stick became the reference design for Sony’s PS controller after that
  • One of Sony’s best-selling PS sticks is the first Dualshock which came out in 1997
  • Dualshock 3 is Sony’s first wireless PS stick
  • Of all Sony’s PS stick designs, the Dualshock 4 is the PS stick that “squeaks” because it has changed a lot from before.

Those were interesting facts and the development of PS sticks from time to time. In your opinion, which PS stick is the most memorable?