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Project MX, the Newest Wibu Game from Yostar

For those of you who like to play Japanese mobile games, of course you are no stranger to Yostar. The weaboo games that they release are quite successful in the market, for example Azur Lane and Arknights.

Not wanting to get complacent right away, they were currently preparing one more game. It’s called Project MX. The game, which was developed by the South Korean developer NAT Games, is a wibu game that carries the concept of 3D tactical combat.

Project MX itself will be released first in Japan by Yostar, which is then followed by a release in South Korea by Nexon. For now, there is no further news regarding the release date. But what is clear, the game made by Yostar will definitely be released in the global market. We will wait for futher news.