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Prediction of the New MPL Season 7 Team with Initials B and Active in PUBG Mobile?

This is SPIN Esports’ prediction regarding the new team in MPL Season 7, which is said to have the initial B and is active in the PUBG Mobile scene?

Siren eSports personnel, Siren Hoho leaked to the public during the Aerowolf Watt live streaming session yesterday about the new MPL team.

Yep, he said that in MPL ID Season 7, there will be a new team which according to Hoho will definitely play in MPL because they have bought a slot.

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Hoho did not mention the name of the team he meant but he gave the initials B plus Lambe Moba (MLBB’s largest community account) added that the team was active in PUBG Mobile.

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Then who do they mean? Here are SPIN Esports predictions about the new MPL team with initials B and active in PUBGM!

Boom Esports ID

new team mpl season 7

The first and only name we predict is Boom eSports ID with the history they have in the Indonesian MLBB pro scene and the big names they have.

The team’s name clearly has the initials B. Besides that, Boom Esports ID is also very active in PUBG Mobile, even their PUBGM team often dominates official tournaments from Tencent.

In addition, Erick Herlangga (Owner of Louvre eSports) also added to the truth of our prediction by mentioning that Boom Esports ID is the new team in MPL referred to by Siren Hoho.

new team mpl season 7

Boom Esports ID itself previously often appeared at MPL Indonesia in seasons 1/2 to 3, but since MPL implemented a league franchise system they did not participate/buy tournament slots.

new team mpl season 7
photo via revivaltv

The reason is because according to the owner of Boom Esports ID, Gary Ongko Putera some time ago, he felt that his team did not fit the Mobile Legends scene.

He has reshuffled his Mobile Legends squad several times but always fails in MPL, but if it is true he is his new team.

Does that mean the owner has changed his mind, is sure he can compete in the biggest moba game scene in Indonesia and might actually buy the MPL Season 7 slot?

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