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Prediction of the Most OP Hero Among 3 Hero Revamp Rise of Necrokeep!

Prediction of the Most OP Hero Among 3 Hero Revamp Rise of Necrokeep!

Three old heroes will certainly get a revamp in the latest patch in June 2022. They were Vexana, Leomord and Faramis.

The three of them got physical changes in this revamp, Vexana became beautiful, Faramis became handsome, and Leomord became more manly.

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The dark impression of these three heroes seems to be faded with this latest update. In addition, of course, the revamp hero skills were changed except for Leomord.

Vexana gets a change for her Ultimate which now summons Undead Knights. Faramis who now no longer revives his partner but gives additional HP. Meanwhile, Leomord gets a significant buff for his skills, especially skill 1.

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So, from the revamp of these three heroes, which one is the most OP? This is the answer according to SPIN Esports.

Prediction of Hero OP after revamp

Judging from his third skill, Faramis might be the strongest in the new patch.

Revamp Faramis
source: ig @dafrixkun

Faramis get change and become stronger. From the stack obtained for passive and better Ultimate usability. Faramis no longer required his comrade to die to gain an advantage, and his Ultimate would follow his body no longer standing still in one place. Make it able to do its job as support better.

Furthermore, it can actually be said to be balanced because neither Vexana nor Leomord can be said to be strong enough. Although we haven’t seen the results on the original server yet.

source: YT MLBB

For Vexana many changes have been made, especially for skill 1 and Ultimate. Skill 1 can now hit the horrified effect faster and can chain to teammates near the affected opponent. The ultimate is stronger because it can directly help Vexana unlike the previous witchcraft moves that waited for time to be able to help.

However, the thing that makes Vexana less OP is the 5x nerf it has received since the skill was revamped. Indeed, it was done so that it was balanced and not too OP, but this could be bad for Vexana who wants to enter meta. Because even if it changes, if the effect is not significant, of course Vexana will not shine.

source: ig @dafrixkun

For Leomord itself because it’s only a buff, even though it’s big, of course the effect won’t be as big as the revamp skill, which is likely to be stronger like Akai.

He only got a buff for his skill which wasn’t bad either. Junebe if the buff is too big, Moonton is afraid that Leomord will be banned too often.

The change itself is quite large because passive skills, skill 1 and Ultimate get additional buffs.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it will perform on the original server. Because for the advanced server itself, Leomord is not really an option.

In your opinion, who is more OP? Leomord, Vexana or Faramis?

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