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PMPL Season 2 Week 5 Day 1 Results! BTR RA is back!

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 2 has finally entered its Week 5 this week.

On a very extraordinary first day of the 16 teams showing their full potential.

In the provisional standings after the first day is over, ION Esports still managed to maintain the top ranking.

In order to get a Prize Pool of 150,000 USD we will see how the 16 teams on PMPL Season 2 This Week 5 Day 1!

PMPL Season 2 Week 5 Day 1 results

The following are the results of each round that occurred on Week 5 Day 1 with a total: 6 rounds on different maps.

Day 1 match played by Group A and Group B which starts at 18.00 WIB because of updates PUBG Mobile 1.0.

PMPL Season 2 Week 5 Day 1

Round 1 – Miramar: ION Esports

Round 2 – Vikendi: Morph Team

Round 3 – Erangel: Bigetron Red Aliens

Round 4 – Sanhok: Siren Esports

Round 5 – Miramar: Louvre Kings

Round 6 – Erangel: RRQ Ryu

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What’s In Week 5 Day 1?

On the first day of the 5th week it begins with ION Esports who won the first WWCD in total 8 kills.

ION Esports those who managed to get 1 WWCD were still able to maintain their position in 1st place.

Morph Team which is the rival of Bigetron RA in Bootcamp also shows a good game with WWCD one time.

Louvre Kings who separated from Nara Esports finally got another Chicken Dinner, and was able to race to 17th position in the standings.

In the match on Day 2, the Louvre will meet Nara again, and will try to get into the top 16 position to qualify for the Grand Finals.

Bigetron RA managed to make a very remarkable comeback, and is now in second place in the standings.

Just a little more and BTR RA managed to take first place in the standings from ION Esports.

Top Kills still held by ION RedFaceN with total 101 kills until Day 1.

Bigethorn Ryzen and Bigetron Zuxxy holding the top 2 and top 3 with the most kills 80 kills and 79 kills.

For the Day 2 battle, BTR and ION won’t meet again, but we’ll see who will take the top spot at the end of Week 5?

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