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PMPL Season 2 Week 4 Prediction, Will ION Survive?

PMPL Season 2 Week 4 Prediction!

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) has entered its final weeks before entering the Grand Finals.

In Week 4, there will be a lot of tension in the pursuit of points for each team in each group.

Know that ION Esports is peaking in this tournament by being at the top for a few weeks, the whole team will be showing each other their performance.

Looking at the previous weeks, where ION Esports continue to skyrocket from Week 1 they played, until now.

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PMPL Season 2 Week 4 Temporary Predictions

Bigetron RA who had led the PMPL Season 2 Leaderboard for 2 weeks, had to step down from his throne.

MORPH Team PMPL ID Season 2
Photo via: MORPH Team

We can also see Morph Team which was very onfire during Week 3 yesterday, they managed to occupy the 2nd position from 7th position in the Provisional Standings.

Lots of teams have recently shown their maximum performance, seeing that the Grand Finals are in sight.

Prediction From us, in this Week 4, of course, all teams will put out their maximum performance to fight for points.

Especially for teams that are in the position of 16 and underto get into PMPL Season 3, they have to try harder.

The spotlight team that is in the 16th place and below goes to Nara Esports and Louvre Kingswho’s been in the 1 group for 4 weeks consecutive.

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caster Flo Wolfy say “This Week 4 I predict it will be fun to watch Group C because there will be eagles vs crocodiles. There’s also a battle of paradise in Sanhok between Boom and Evos that hasn’t been exposed.”

The casters also believe that BTR RA will rise to show even more of their performance this Week 4, and will show The Real Aliens The original.


In this week 4, the point is that the whole team will play very optimally in order to increase and also maintain their respective team points.

This is because the Grand Finals are approaching, so they must prioritize their points first.

We will see a match between ION Esports and Bigetron Red Aliens, if true BTR RA will rise in Week 4.

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