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PMPL Sea Finals 2022 schedule, this is a collection of teams that passed!

PMPL Sea Finals Fall split 2022 schedule!

After completing the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia 2022 Season 2 last Sunday, we will welcome a new tournament.

Yesterday’s PMPL ID Season 2 was just an opening to a real big tournament internationally.

PMPL Sea Finals Fall Split 2022 will soon be here to welcome the teams that qualify for the PMPL in their respective countries.

PMPL SEA is a tournament that will bring together several Pro Player teams from every country in Southeast Asia.

Of course through yesterday’s match, we already knew 3 Indonesian teams which will bring the fragrance of Indonesia’s name in PMPL SEA.

Let’s see the schedule of this big tournament,

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PMPL SEA Finals Fall Split 2022 Schedule!

The big tournament in Southeast Asia will be held on 23 October – 25 October 2022 which will come.

It is planned that the match will start on 15.00 WIB and played as much 5 rounds per day. Before the match starts, the 16 teams will solo 2x.

The teams will be invited to rest first after completing their respective national major tournaments.

There will be 16 teams from around 4 country who will compete at the end of October will bring their respective countries.

The tournament may be held online given the current state of the pandemic.

The 16 teams will be selected in the following format:

  • Yoodo Gank – SEA Spring 2022 Champion
  • Top 2 teams from PMPL-TH Finals
  • Winner PMPL-TH Regular Season
  • Top 2 teams from PMPL-ID Finals
  • Winner PMPL-ID Regular Season
  • Top 2 teams from PMPL-MYSG Finals
  • Winner PMPL-MYSG Regular Season
  • Top 2 teams from PMPL-VN Finals
  • Winner PMPL-VN Regular Season
  • Top 3 teams from PMCO: SEA Wildcard

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16 Teams That Qualified Towards PMPL Sea Finals

PMPL Sea Finals

Here are the teams that will play in the PMPL SEA Finals Fall Split 2022:

  • Yoodoo gan
  • Team Secret (Thailand)
  • RRQ Athena (Thailand)
  • Power888 KPS (Thailand)
  • Aerowolf Limax (Indonesia)
  • Aura Esports (Indonesia)
  • Bigetron Red Aliens (Indonesia)
  • SMG Team (Malaysia / Singapore)
  • Geek Fam (Malaysia / Singapore)
  • Team Secret (Malaysia / Singapore)
  • Gaming Box (Vietnamese)
  • Xavier Team (Vietnamese)
  • V game (Vietnamese)
  • Iconic PH
  • Yangon Galacticos
  • All-Star Team Puyat

Of these 16 teams, Top 4 Standings will get a slot on PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0.

A tournament that will bring together all PUBG Mobile players from all over the world, gathered into one.

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