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PMPL ID Season 2 Week 3: Group Distribution: ION Esports Can Stop BTR RA!

PMPL ID Season 2 Week 3: Group Distribution: ION Esports Can Stop BTR RA! The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia Season 2 will enter its 3rd week.

Previously, in week 1 and 2, the competition between the teams in PMPL ID Season 2 had heated up and out of 24 teams, 16 teams had managed to make a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD).

The leader of the standings is Bigetron (BTR) RA with 4 WWCD scores with a total of 283 points, followed by ION Esports with 5 WWCDs and a total of 281 points.

In third and fourth place were the teams that performed outstandingly in week 2, namely Geek Fam ID with 1 WWCD and 238 points, followed by BOOM Esports with 5 WWCD and 236 total points.

Standing PMPL ID Season 2 Week 2
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

Entering week 3, PMPL ID Season 2 has announced another group division, which is carried out the same as week 1 and 2. For more details, please see below.

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PMPL ID Season 2 Week 3 Group

PMPL ID Season 2 Week 3 Group
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

Group A

  • Geek Fam ID
  • ION Esports
  • Bigetron RA
  • The Pillars Slayer
  • NFT Esports
  • 21 Esports
  • Dranix Avengers
  • Bona fide King

Group B

  • Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Ryu
  • BOOM Esports
  • EVOS Esports
  • Victim Sovers
  • NARA Esports
  • Red Rocket Cosmic
  • Alter Ego Esports
  • Louvre Kings

Group C

  • ONIC Esports
  • Siren Esports
  • 69 Esports
  • MORPH Team
  • Island of Gods
  • Aura Esports
  • Aerowolf Limax
  • 2K coins

Group A is the one that attracts the most attention because there are 3 top-ranked teams namely BTR, ION Esports and Geek Fam ID in the same group, so the competition will definitely get hotter.

Moreover, the BTR game in week 2 was still vacillating because they were exhausted after PMWL East 2022, so it was an opportunity for ION Esports and also Geek Fam ID to win the standings from BTR.