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PMPL ID 2022 Season 2: Week 5 & Week 6 Makes 1 Week!

PMPL ID 2022 Season 2 Week 5 and Week 6 will be made into 1 week, you know, guys!

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia Season 2 has passed its middle period, a sign that it is about to end.

PMPL Season 2 is ready to welcome the Grand Finals, and the end of the Regular Season which has been running for 1 month.

Entering Week 5, the audience was surprised by the merging of the match between Week 5 and Week 6 this week.

Unlike usual, this week PMPL Season 2 will be held for 6 days consecutive.

PMPL ID 2022 Season 2 Week 5 & Week 6

From instagram account, The schedule of matches for this week has been published which is combined with Week 6.

This may be done to speed up the tournament time, in order to enter the Grand Finals on time.

From today to Thursday, the match will be held on Week 5 first.

And according to the format of the match, after Week 5 is over, the Group will be divided again according to the rules that have been provided.

On the day Friday, September 11, 2022, Week 6 will start immediately at 14.00 WIB.

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PMPL ID 2022 Season 2 Week 5 Starting at 6 PM?

Of course you are confused why this biggest match starts in the afternoon, even though it usually starts in the afternoon.

Especially for the first match day of Week 5, it will start at 18.00 WIBbecause there will be an update on PUBG Mobile.

For those of you PUBG Mobile fans you should know that there will be a massive update PUBG Mobile 1.0 which will be released today.

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In order for the tournament not to be hindered by updates, the match hours had to be postponed.

This means, PMPL Season 2 Week 5 and Week 6 matches will take place on the map Erangel 2.0.

Of course this makes the teams have to take into account new strategies, and suitable roles to play on this new map.

So, are you curious about what will happen to the new maps of Erangel 2.0 in PMPL 2022 Season 2?

Stay tuned for PMPL Season 2 schedule and information at SPIN Websiteand follow the account Instagram and Youtube our.