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PMPL ID 2022 Season 2 Week 4 Day 1 results! Onic So Ferocious!

From 1 p.m., PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 Indonesia Season 2 Week 4 has started.

The first day of Week 4 closed with a very beautiful game from the 16 teams that played.

PMPL Season 2 Week 4 Day 1 Match Results

Today’s match is followed by Group A and Group B which has been divided into 6 rounds on a different map.

Here are the results from tonight’s match:

Round 1 – Sanhok: Geek Fam Id

Round 2 – Miramar: Island of Gods

Round 3 – Erangel: NFT Esports

Round 4 – Miramar: 69 Esports

Round 5 – Erangel: AURA Esports

Round 6 – Vikendi: Onic Esports

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What’s going on in Week 4 Day 1

The first day of Week 4 ends with ION Esports who are still at the top of the standings with 472 points.

PMPL Season 2 Week 5 Day 1 results

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Below it is followed by Aura Esports who finally managed to occupy the second position following Morph Team from the previous week with 403 points.

This week, there were a lot of teams that lost but with a very good fight, different from the previous week.

The reason is, this Week 4 the players have to play seriously because it is close to the Grand Finals.

Seen from NFT Esports who managed to get the second WWCD in PMPL 2022 Season 2, by taking over the zone well.

SixNine Esports also finally showed their seriousness in this tournament by getting WWCD in Round 4 earlier.

Besides that, Onic Esports began to show his ferocity in this Week 4 Day 1 by taking Top Kills by the number of 16 Kills on the first day of Week 4.

There are many more teams who are still hiding their fighting skills in this tournament, and also many teams are starting to show their true skills.

Look forward to the next tournament on Day 2 tomorrow, don’t miss the battle between Group B and Group C.

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