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PMCC 2022 is here, hurry up and invite your squad and join!

This is the PMCC Indonesia 2022 tournament which will be coming soon!

This tournament, which gathers young and new players, is your chance to become a Pro Player.

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship (PMCC) Indonesia 2022 will start soon, and all players are free to register.

This tournament becomes a trilogy of competitions PUBG Mobile The first and largest inter-campus in Indonesia, with the aim of facilitating and mobilizing students in positive activities in the field of esports

Also despite the pandemic conditions, PMCC opens opportunities for participants who have the potential to continue their careers in the world of professional esports.

If you pay attention, PMCC is not only held in Indonesia, but in several countries such as Indonesia Malaysia also have PMCC for the players in their respective countries.

Let’s see the tournament info!

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PMCC Indonesia 2022!

Tournament Format


Each participant will bring the name of the campus that has been registered in the Campus Qualifier according to Indonesian Time, WIB, WIT, and WITA.

Teams that pass the Campus Qualifier will enter the National Qualifier with a league concept. Almost similar to the official international scale tournament.

The 16 best teams in the National Qualifier will immediately play in the Grand Final round to fight for the championship title and a total prize of 200 Million Rupiah.

This match is divided into 3 time zones, and the three groups will meet simultaneously in the Grand Finals.

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How to Apply for PMCC Indonesia 2022!

If you already have a squad that can win this tournament, please visit the PMCC official website, and you can register your team directly.

visit pmcc.idand in the tournament section you can directly register your campus, and also your squad to become a Pro Player.

Hurry up register before the date October 31, 2022because registration will close at the end of October.

Not only that, PMCC 2022 also opens Caster Hunt and Campus Ambassador for students. So for those of you who don’t participate in the PUBG tournament, you can try registering as a caster or ambassador.

What are you waiting for, with a large total prize, and the opportunity to become a Pro Player, invite your friends now!

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