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Plague Inc Removed from the App Store in China

The impact of the Corona virus continues to spread with the absence of a suitable vaccine for the virus. And of course we also know that there are several parties who “benefit” from the presence of the Corona virus, one of which is Plague Inc. whose sales skyrocketed after the Corona virus became trending.

Although the developer Plague Inc. himself has emphasized that the game is only intended for fun and cannot be used as a scientific model, it seems that the trend of playing Plague Inc. games. not stop.

But it is undeniable that not a few consider the game as a reference for data from the spread of the virus. This seems to make the Chinese government take decisive steps.

China officially withdraws the game Plague Inc. from the App Store, making the game no longer available for download by gamers living in that country. The Cyberspace Administration of China blocked the game on the grounds that the game contained illegal content in it.