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Pick Cecilion's Enemy, You Must Pick This Strong Mage Hero in Mobile Legends

If your enemy picks Cecilion as their midlaner, then you must pick this strong Mobile Legends hero mage to fight him.

Cecilion is one of the most popular mage heroes recently in Mobile Legends along with Xavier, Vale, Yve and so on.

Junebe some of you have difficulty fighting Cecilion, even when your Cecilion pick enemy is confused about what pick to fight him.

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Regarding that, SPIN Esports will help you by providing 1 hero mage who is no less strong than Cecilion for you to pick against him.

Lylia – The Beautiful Witch

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That hero is Lylia, the hero with the highest burst damage we recommend you pick against Cecilion.

Why Lylia? Because he can zoning Cecilion’s lane very easily since the early game, so Cecilion’s stack is difficult to collect and even Cecilion can be killed by Lylia.

Because the damage Lylia produces is very high and is installment damage. Not to mention that Lylia has two lives from her ultimate so Cecilion has a hard time defeating her.

Actually, this simple draft has been implemented in Mobile Legends and the results are quite satisfying where Lylia was able to defeat Cecilion very easily from the start of the game.

Lylia mobile legends
Photo via IzzyCrown

Even in the late game, Cecilion had a hard time dealing with Lylia, who had huge burst damage and two additional lives from her 3rd skill.

Therefore, you also have to pick a small but very strong mage hero in Mobile Legends when facing Cecilion. That’s the hero mage that must be picked up when facing Cecilion Mobile Legends.

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