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Pevita Pearce Plays PUBG, This is a Collection of Artists Who Have Entered Esports!

Pevita Pearce Playing PUBG Mobile? There are other artists who have also entered the world of esports, you know!

The world of esports is currently rampant in every community, especially the Indonesian people.

This new realm of sport adds a lot of new insights for its players.

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Of course, because they have entered the sport, several new athletes have emerged who certainly carry the name of the Indonesian nation.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that the realm of esports is too famous, and many of Indonesia’s top artists have jumped in.

One of them is Pevita Pearce who is on the rise, because he has a hobby of playing PUBG Mobile.

Indonesia’s top artists are starting to try playing games that are one of the divisions of Esports, you know! Let’s see who’s there!

Ariel Noah

The Pillars Esports

Who does not know this famous singer? This famous singer from Noah’s band, secretly likes to play online games, you know!

The reason is, Ariel has played games a lot, and decided to create his own Esports Team!

The team named The Pillars Esports this is one team that has performed very well in various tournaments.

For example, in the ongoing PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) ID Season 2, TP managed to enter the Grand Finals round.

His interest in esports has made Ariel successfully educate his team to be able to show excellent performance.

Ganesha’s Sleigh

Now this one is also a singer who is no less cool than Ariel! Ganesha’s sleigh or better known as Nidji’s Sleigh also intends to enter the realm of esports.

In addition to his interest in becoming President in 2024, Giring also intends to be the figure behind the big esports game, to be precise as the President of IESPL.

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Miss Diamond

Remember the TV series Ronaldowati? The main characters are Miss Diamond Now you have plunged into the world of Esports, you guys!

Now he is becoming Brand Ambassador from one of the big Indonesian teams Boom Esports.

Kaesang Pangarep

kaesang aerowolf

Actually, this one can’t be called an artist, it’s just that he is very famous at the artist level, guys, hehehe!

President Jokowi’s son is a big fan of the Mobile Legends game, who joined the team Genflix Aerowolf.

Not only that, Kaesang also made several esports tournaments, such as Free Fire Mas Gibran Cup and Ternacopy Campus Tournament.

So how are you guys? It turns out that there are also many top artists who have entered the world of esports!

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