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Perfect world Mobile will be released soon "Next Generation Aerial Combat"

At the annual Tencent UP event, the Chinese gaming giant announced several major new games, including Fortnite and Magic: The Gathering Arena, among 20 others. The game that is quite interesting is Perfect World Mobile, developed by none other than Perfect World. In the end, the Perfect World Mobile Game will be developed by the Tencent company. As we know, this game was adapted from a PC game which is currently entitled Perfect World. For those of you who have played this game, it seems you can reminisce a little.

With a game slogan that reads “next generation aerial combat”, as the name suggests, this game will later be able to enjoy combat in the air. So you will enjoy this game with a different feel. From the developer side, 6 Classes have been confirmed for this mobile MMORPG , although nothing has been revealed yet(If on PC 6 the Jobs are: Warrior, Mage, Bestial, Foxlady, Priest, and Archer) From a related party this game will be released this year, although it is still not officially announced when this game will be true -really released.