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PC Specifications for Trek to Yomi Finally Announced. Still Friendly Enough

Trek to Yomi is indeed a game that tries to provide a unique cinematic experience for lovers of classic samurai games.

With beautiful graphics that are beautified with black and white filters, this game really seems to look like classic Japanese samurai films that have existed in the past.

But it’s not just color, developer Devolver Digital also provides another approach to make the experience even more authentic.

Call it a variety of ancient film effects that are also paired, audio processing and effects, to cinematic camera angles inspired by these classic films.

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Approaching the release date, Trek to Yomi has finally announced the PC specifications needed to be able to play this game. Fortunately, the announced specifications are reasonable and friendly.

Trek to Yomi | Devolver Digital

Here are the detailed specifications needed for Trek to Yomi:

Minimum Specifications: