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PBESI Appreciates & Rewards Indonesian Esports Athletes at SEA Games

PBESI Appreciates & Rewards Indonesian Esports Athletes at SEA Games

The Executive Board of Esports Indonesia (PBESI) conveyed its appreciation and appreciation to 30 Indonesian esports athletes who won gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2022 SEA Games Hanoi.

They are the athletes who won 2 gold medals from the Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Teams, 3 silver medals from the PUBM Mobile Solo, Free Fire, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang numbers, and 1 bronze medal from the Cross Fire numbers.

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Appreciation includes certificates of appreciation, as well as cash bonuses of IDR 2,252,700.000 for all gold medalists, IDR 1,234,200,000 for all silver medalists, and IDR 335,000,000 for all bronze medalists, delivered directly by the General Chairperson of PBESI, General of Police Retired Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, SH, M.Si, Deputy General Chair/Chairman of the Daily PBESI Komjen Pol. Drs. Bambang Sunarwibowo, SH, M. Hum., PBESI Secretary General Frengky Ong, and all PBESI administrators.

In his friendly but motivational speech, the General Chairperson of PBESI conveyed his pride in the achievements made by esports athletes, whom he called fighters who had made the name of the nation and country proud in the international arena.

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Photo via PBESI

“On behalf of PBESI, we congratulate you on the brilliant achievements of the esports athletes who fought on behalf of the nation and state, Indonesia, at the SEA Games Hanoi 2022.”

“The feelings of emotion and pride that we feel are difficult for us to put into words. I also convey my highest gratitude and appreciation to all PBESI management, coaches, National Team Body, and teams who are directly involved in supporting the performance of the athletes of the Indonesian National Esports Team, “ said the Chairman of PBESI Budi Gunawan in his speech.

The General Chairperson of PBESI hopes that the appreciation and awards presented to the athletes who won the 2022 SEA Games Hanoi medals can further spur the achievement of even better achievements in the future.

To the athletes, the General Chair conveyed a message to continue to increase the intensity of their training for better performance.

“Learn very well what are the weaknesses and shortcomings, as a basis for strategic evaluation for international achievements that will increase in the future.”

“A programmed and sustainable training center or training center can be a consideration for PBESI so that the National Esports Team is always ready to face every match and tournament that has been scheduled,” the message.

Budi Gunawan also reminded that as a new sport, there are challenges in the form of solidity and synergy.

Photo via PBESI

He hopes that, with solid synergy from various associations and the Indonesian esports ecosystem, Indonesia will become a respected esports power on the world stage.

This year, we still have several tournament agendas that we must follow and manage, including the Esports World Championship which will take place in Bali, the National League and the President’s Cup. PBESI’s target is success in achievement, as well as success as an organizer,” he said.

Meanwhile, in his opening remarks, Deputy General Chair/Daily Chairperson of PBESI Bambang Sunarwibowo informed that of the 38 esports athletes competing in the 2022 SEA Games Hanoi, 30 of them managed to bring home medals.

“Achieving 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals, as well as being ranked second in overall medal gains from the Hanoi 2022 SEA Games esports sport under the host of Vietnam is a proud achievement.”

“However, PBESI is determined that achievements in the international arena must continue to increase in the future. This achievement cannot be separated from the extraordinary support from the General Chairperson of PBESI, sponsors, all PBESI administrators, and the athletes’ families with their never-ending moral support, “ said Bambang Sunarwibowo.

The names of the athletes who won the 2022 SEA Games medals in Hanoi

Photo via PBESI

Gold Medal Winner

  • Garuda – Free Fire Team: Ibnu Nasir Ramdani, Nur Ivaldi Fajar, Richard William Manurung, Shahin Taskhir, Victor Innocent
  • Team Indonesia 2 – PUBG Mobile Teams: Jason, Made Bagus Prabaswara, Muhammad Albi, Genta Effendi, Febrianto Genta Perkasa

Silver Medal Winner

  • Rajawali Team – Free Fire: Agus Suparman, Muhammad Fikri Alief Pratama, Rafli Aidil Fitrah, Raihan Maghfur, Rhama Satria.
  • PUBG Mobile Solo: Alan Raynold Kumaseh
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: Albert Neilsen Iskandar, Calvin, Rivadli Fatah, Gilang, Calvin Winata, Nicky Fernando Pontonuwu, Ihsan Besari Kusudana.

Bronze Medal Winner

  • Cross Fire: Derry Alviano, Evan Jordan, Gian Kurnadi, Jason Adrian, Riddho Putra Muharam, Samuel Santosa, Yudi Kurniawan.

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