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PAMALI: Creative & Thrilling Local Horror Game

If previously the Indonesian horror game DreadOut has been discussed, the next one that is no less scary is PAMALI. What is the PAMALI game? This game is one of the horror genre games by Indonesian children which is currently quite the subject of discussion. Judging from this video game demo, PAMALI is considered potential in terms of content. This game by StoryTale Studios has a clear storyline with a solid theme presented to gamers. Not much different from DreadOut, this game also has a very strong Indonesian cultural taste.

PAMALI is officially available on Steam in December 2022. Although it’s still new, this game has been widely reviewed by game reviewers both on the web and on Youtube. Carrying the tagline ‘PAMALI: Indonesian Folklore Horror’, the PAMALI game will make you face your biggest fears and meet Indonesian ghosts in the game. What does PAMALI offer? How scary is PAMALI to play?

local game pamali

Episodic Designed Games

Designed with an episodic plot, PAMALI is planned for several different scenarios with a focus on different ghosts. For the first episode entitled “The White Lady” which is focused on the figure of the kuntilanak. The second episode launched in June 2022 with the title “The Tied Corpse”. Referring to Gamebrott’s article about the PAMALI game kickstarter campaign, this game is already planning the next few episodes that will hit the market.

According to the released stretch goals, episode 3 is titled “The Little Devil”, episode 4 is titled “The Hungry Witch”, episode 5 is “The Vengeful Mother”, and episode 6 is titled “The Giant Guard”. In addition to wanting to come out on a PC version, StoryTale Studios also plans to release it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


PAMALI Storyline: The White Lady

As a player, in the game PAMALI: The White Lady, you play as a young boy who is trying to sell your parents’ house. Because it has been abandoned for a long time, the house is dirty and not well maintained. In this house you have to collect important files in it as well as help clean it so that it looks attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. As one might predict, this house is more than just a house. There is a mystical aura and tension that surrounds this house, from voices to ghost sightings in various corners of the house. At first, those of you who wanted to clean up this house for sale ended up maintaining your sanity to continue to follow the storyline.


A Strong Horror Atmosphere in the PAMALI Game

PAMALI even though the local game managed to create a horror atmosphere that could make goosebumps goosebumps. It could be the taste of Indonesia that is close to our lives that adds to the horror of this game. Like through the design of the house and the knick-knacks in it which we can often find around our homes. The lighting process in the game is also very good and can even be adjusted in the available menus.

Meanwhile, for the background while playing, PAMALI is quite mysterious. The impression of silence is more dominant than the blaring backsound as if to impress the darkness and mystery that is created when playing. The mysterious atmosphere that was successfully built was peppered with certain small sounds at the right time. Compared to following the style of other horror games, PAMALI actually acts more differently. This is so unique when you play PAMALI at night because the atmosphere will bring you even more horror.

pamali the white lady

Creative Gameplay, But Lacks Threat Sensation

The developer of this game injects a lot of interactive objects that you can touch, hold, read, change its position or take and store in the existing inventory. Well, every thing you hold can be a consequence that has positive and negative consequences, for example making more frequent sightings of kuntilanak. Regardless of what ending you get, you will be given information on which actions are taken and are counted as “pamali”. How to play this game relies heavily on the trial & error process. Oh yes, in the episode “The White Lady” there are 35 endings that you can get with various choices and consequences for your previous choices.

Kuntilanak that appears as long as you play is not designed to attack and “kill”. He only appears as an external force that also increases the tense atmosphere to be super scary. Its appearance is also a consequence of the interaction between you and the “pamali” object. However, unfortunately the appearance of the kuntilanak seems to be provoked, there are no random events for jumpscare in the game. Another fact that this kuntilanak doesn’t chase you also makes this game decrease the level of tension. The longer it goes on, the more you will know why and what makes this kuntilanak appear.