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One World Announced for Switch, Will Release Later This Year!

Harvest Moon: One World will be releasing for Nintendo Switch this year

For those of you fans of the Harvest Moon Game, now there is good news! Because Natsume Inc. As owner franchise Harvest Moon recently announced their newest series, Harvest Moon: One World, which will be released later this year for the Nintendo Switch platform.

The game will be set in a world where vegetables and plants have become extinct. People in this world live without feeling the benefits of fresh vegetables. Your character comes with an old book that holds the secrets of farming. Well, with this book, you have to build a successful farm and introduce vegetables to people who need beneficial nutrients.

Natsume himself has not shown screenshots or gameplay footage of the game. However, they ensure that Harvest Moon: One World will use the latest engine, which is better in terms of visuals than the previous series.

As of this writing, Game has not received confirmation whether it will be launched to other platforms. So, let’s just wait for further information from Natsume regarding this game, my friend GameZeRO!