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One Piece: The Reason Yamato Won't Go With Luffy

Yamato, is a fictional character from the manga or anime series One Piece. In addition, she is the daughter of Kaido and idolizes Oden. He also wants to be a strong man like Oden. Well this time Dafunda Otaku will have an opinion about Yamato not going with Luffy to sail.

The Reason Yamato Won’t Join Luffy

Previously when Yamato met with Luffy, he asked permission to go sailing. But if I may argue, actually Yamato’s desire to sail is to find Whitebeard or Roger.

As we know Oden is dead, and Oden’s journal is now in Yamato’s hands. Therefore, this was the reason why Yamato wanted to sail. Because he wanted to ask someone to help overthrow Kaido.

1. Became Akazaya Nine to Replace Okiku

Okiku| ©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Then during Akazaya’s fight against Kaido, Okiku had to lose his hand because of Kaido’s slash of wind. Moreover in the area where they fought, there were no doctors at all.

From this we can argue that Okiku will likely die from heavy blood loss. In addition, it is likely that Kanjuro’s position will be replaced by Izo.

Not only that, in the Manga version we can see how Yamato is trying hard to protect Momonosuke from Kaido’s men. As time goes by there is a possibility that Momo will trust Yamato to be her guardian.

2. The Person Who Will Protect Wano Country

Yamato| ©Eiichiro Oda

When the country of Wano is freed from Kaido, there will definitely be some parties who take advantage of this opportunity to approach Wano. Therefore there must be a figure as strong as Kaido to protect Wano.

Seeing the figure of Yamato who is the daughter of Kaido, and idolizes and thinks of himself as Oden. It was certain that Yamato would be the right person to protect Wano country.

Indeed Akazaya is a strong samurai, but they are still weak. The proof is that they couldn’t protect Wano in the past, so many pirates stopped by.

That’s the opinion of Dafunda Otaku about Yamato not going sailing with Luffy. Well for those of you who have other opinions, and don’t forget to comment below.