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One Piece Odyssey Showcases Detailed Story and Lots of New Screenshots

Bandai Namco has shown off new details about the storyline and lots of new screenshots from their latest RPG game, One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey will have a new story of its own and not in the anime or manga series by Oda Sensei that you usually watch or read.

The world of One Piece Odyssey will be set on a mysterious island where the Straw Hat Pirates are trapped and must find a way to get out.

This information came from the publisher from Japan through the official website.

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One Piece Odyssey Waffle Island

It is said that during his latest trip or voyage, the Straw Hat Pirates were hit by a very powerful storm that made them thrown from the ship and stranded.

They are stranded on a mysterious island called Waffle, where the island is actually blessed with vast natural beauty but its surroundings, have been surrounded by many large storm clouds.

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