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Omega Legends, A Slick Futuristic Battle Royale, Officially Released in Indonesia

Not only playing in the realm of strategy games such as Lords Mobile and Castle Clash, IGG has now spread its wings to one of the most popular game genres in the country, battle royale. Omega Legends has been officially released for gamers in Indonesia and several other Southeast Asian regions as of June 18, 2022, on the Google Play Store and App Store. Accompanying the launch of the Singapore server to accommodate Southeast Asian players, Omega Legends also held a release event with generous prizes such as the iPhone 12, PlayStation 5, and many more.

About Omega Legends

Competition in genre survival Battle royale is indeed quite fierce in Indonesia, but IGG is sure that it can bring something new through Omega Legends, which was previously released in Latin America. Omega Legends itself is a game set in a virtual world in the future, where you will fight dozens of other players to be the last one standing. Although it has not been officially released in Indonesia, you can check the high enthusiasm of Indonesian gamers through various YouTube uploads of Omega Legends players.

The game’s graphics are colorful, with vibe which is a bit cartoonish, but not stiff. It sure looks fresh really when compared to the battle royale games on the market today. To play, you need a minimum spec of 2GB RAM and the Android version 7.0/iOS 8.0 (minimum iPhone 6s). Meanwhile, players who have previously tried Omega Legends on the Brazil server (which is the game’s first server) can still play their old account which will automatically be migrated to the Singapore server according to their preferences. ping and location.

Here are some of the main features of Omega Legends that you should try.

  • Hero has unique skills, looks good

One of the attractions of Omega Legends is the Hero which has a unique design. All Heroes have their respective roles in the battlefield. There are heroes who can wear shields, scan enemy positions behind walls, and some can even camouflage with their surroundings. There is no one hero who is too overpower because everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So, whether you’re the type of player who likes to be chaotic and barbaric, hide in the grass, or follow your friends to become onions, everyone has a hero.

  • MOBA-style shop, can upgrade items while playing

This is one thing that makes Omega Legends superior to other battle royale games, shop in-game. You can buy items and upgrade armor in the middle of the game like when playing MOBA. Of course you will be hockey to get store currency in-game in order to upgrade armor or weapons, but it will actually add to the dimension of excitement and balance of players in the game.

  • Realistic Gunplay, Innovative Items

The weapons in Omega Legends are designed based on real weapons, which makes the game feel even more real. Each weapon also has its own uniqueness, ranging from classic ones like SMG and Rifle to futuristic ones like laser-powered guns. Plus, there are various items that are not available in similar game competitors. For example, Omega Legends has an item that can resurrect itself when an opponent drops it. There are also items that turn your character’s appearance into an inanimate object in the game such as a barrel or grass.

  • Many modes with dynamic maps

You certainly won’t be bored playing Omega Legends because of the many types of modes that can be played either solo or in groups. Apart from fashion ranked Mainly, there is an innovative mode that only appears on certain days. For example, players can have fun in Covert Operation mode, where players are invisible except when shooting or being shot. You can play all modes in a dynamic map. The terrain of the map can change as the game progresses, making you more comfortable playing for a long time game-his.

About Release Event

From June 18 to June 5, new Omega Legends players in the Southeast Asia region can participate in the release event with prizes for iPhone 12, PlayStation 5, and many more. During the duration of the event, you can complete as many missions as possible to earn coins gacha. The coins can later be used to enter the raffle which can be directly accessed from within the game. There are also skin and frames a special red and white themed special for players in the Southeast Asia region (Singapore server).

In addition, you can also redeem a prize item code to make your game at the beginning of the game even more exciting: OMEGA777. You can redeem the code right away in-game by going to settings (gear button at bottom left of main page), then to “redeem code”.

Still need a reason to play Omega Legends? Enjoy the sensation by directly downloading it at app store official!


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