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OhMyV33nus Confirms V33Wise Will Comeback at MPL PH Season 10!

OhMyV33nus Confirms V33Wise Will Comeback at MPL PH Season 10!

International Blacklist player OhMyV33nus recently won the Sea Games 2022, at which time they were the Blacklist roster either from the coach or the three roster except their sidelaners Gonzales and Soto who were public.

Not long after winning it, there was one statement by Wise where he decided to extend their break until MPL PH Season 10.

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However, apparently this did not happen because both Wise and OhMyV33nus or better known as the V33Wise duo will be playing in MPL PH Season 10.

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OhMyV33nus Confirms V33Wise Will Comeback

Launching from an interview with News5, OhMyV33nus confirmed the comeback of the V33wise duo.

MSC Outer 2021
source: ig @ohmy.v33nus

“We’ll be competing in a lot of tournaments but the latest one would be the MPL PH Season 10, everyone should look forward to it. , “ said OhMyV33nus.

This contradicts Wise’s previous statement which revealed that they would return to rest after the Sea Games took place.

Indeed, at this time they are not competing because Blacklist International failed in MPL PH Season 9 and had to be content with failing to advance to the playoffs and of course failing to MSC 2022 which will take place tomorrow.

But of course they did not enter the roster because they decided to take a break during the season.

Will V33Wise return to MPL PH Season 10 for Blacklist International to bring back the impressive performance of Blacklist International later? And rejoin the M-Series? We’ll just have to wait, Spinners.

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