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Oh My Goddess Manga Gets Its Spinoff!

For June 2022 magazine Monthly Afternoon owned by Kodansha disclose. On Tuesdays that Manga Oh! My Goddess creation Kosuke Fujishima get a new spin-off in the next issue. Manga, entitled Aa Shūkatsu no Megami-samawill launch in the magazine’s June 2022 issue on June 25.

Hey Aoki is to provide stories, and Kumichi Yoshizuki draw manga.

Manga Oh My Goddess

Synopsis of Oh My Goddess! :

“In that story, Keiichi Morisato and Belldandy live in happiness, but because of the recession, Keiichi’s motorcycle shop works facing financial difficulties. Belldandy started looking for work because of the situation.”

Fujishima launches manga Ah Megami-sama The original in Monthly Afternoon in 1988 and ended in 2014. The manga inspired an anime series, three television series with specials, and three additional anime DVDs.

Dark Horse Comics released the series in regular and omnibus volumes in North America. Since ending Oh My Goddess!, Fujishima has launched a manga Toppu GPwhich also runs in English from Kodansha Comics.