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Official!! 6 Games Entered the 2022 Asian Games E-Sports Cabang

For the first time in the history of the Asian Games, the E-Sports branch will be held in 2022. Indonesia will be the witness for the implementation of the E-Sports branch which will be held from 18 August to 2 September later. Even though it’s only an experimental stage, which means that you can’t donate medals to your country.

So the organizers will assess whether the E-Sports branch deserves to be part of the Asian Games. If it is suitable, then the E-Sports branch will be officially held at the Asian Games in 2022. And in 2022 there are already 6 game titles that will be part of the Asian Games E-Sports branch.

League of Legends

Yesterday, Monday, June 14 2022, Riot Games announced that League of Legends was selected as one of the six E-Sports games that will be part of the 2022 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games as an official demonstration sport. LoL will represent the MOBA Desktop category beating DOTA 2. I think this game deserves to represent the Asian Games because LoL is very famous in Asia.

Arena of Valor

Pro Evolution Soccer

Furthermore, there is Pro Evolution Soccer which represents the game type Sport. This game made by Konami managed to become part of the 2022 Asian Games. Although this game is still lagging behind in terms of FIFA licensing, this game is an option because this game is quite popular in Asia. In addition, PES also fulfills the requirements for being selected at the Asian Games, namely that there is no element of violence.

Clash Royale

Another Moba game that has entered the Asian Games is Clash Royale which will represent the MOBA Strategy game. This Supercell game doesn’t need to be questioned anymore. Attractive gameplay, strategy and shrewd play are tested in this game. What’s more, this game also meets the requirements, namely there is no element of violence.


This game made by Blizzard Entertainment managed to become part of the Asian Games after fulfilling the requirements. This Card Game themed game is quite fun to compete with, because the strategy is the main key in this game.


Another game title by Blizzard Entertainment that will be part of the 2022 Asian Games, namely Startcraft. This Real-Time Strategy game is very popular in Asia. No wonder this game was chosen to be part of the Asian Games. What’s more, this game already meets these standards.