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Now Epic Games Store has added a payment method via ATM

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Recently, the Epic Games Store has updated several changes such as presenting a new payment option, namely via ATM or Bank Transfer for Epic Games Store users in Indonesia. In addition, the fact is that you can also pay for the games you want to buy there just by going to the nearest minimarket (Alfamart).

To bring this option, Epic Games has partnered with Xsolla and DOKU Wallet. Currently, all EGS users can make payments via ATM and Internet Banking.

How to Make Payments via ATM and Internet Banking

Here’s how to make payments at the Epic Games Store via ATM and Internet Banking:

How to pay via ATM

  • Enter PIN
  • Select “Transfers”. If using a BCA ATM, select “Other transactions” then “Transfer”
  • Select “To Another Bank Account”
  • Enter the Bank Code followed by the 16-digit payment code as the destination account, then press “Correct”
  • Enter the amount of payment according to what was billed (Amount transferred must be exactly the same, cannot be more or less). The nominal amount that does not match the bill will cause the transaction to fail
  • A Transfer Confirmation Screen appears containing the destination account number for Permata Bank and the name along with the amount paid, if it is correct, press “True”
  • And Done

How to Pay via Internet Banking

Notes: Payment cannot be made via BCA Internet Banking (KlikBCA)

  • Login to your Internet Banking account
  • Select “Transfer” and select “Other Bank”. Select Bank as destination account
  • Enter the payment amount according to what was billed
  • Fill in the destination account number with a 16-digit payment code
  • Transfer confirmation screen appears containing the account number of the destination bank and the name along with the amount paid. If it is correct, press “True”
  • And Done

Various ways have been done by the Epic Games Store to compete with Steam, ranging from free games on the Epic Store every Sunday to updating features that will make it easier for users, from the start it was also known that EGS had the ambition that one day they would beat Steam. .


Well, with the latest payment method, hopefully it can make it easier for those of you who want to buy games that have been released exclusively on the Epic Games Store, right!