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Novuz FF, Free Fire Auto Headshot Cheat Application!

Novuz FF is a very famous cheat application in the Free Fire game. The reason is that many players use this application and upload the tutorial on YouTube. By using this application you will be given the convenience of winning the game with all the cheats that are ready to use.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss in full what the Novuz Free Fire application is and what its features are. If you are curious, you should read the following discussion to the end.

What is the Novuz FF App?

Novuz FF | Pinterest

Novuz Free Fire is a mod menu application that contains various ready-to-use cheats. In other words, if you use this application, you don’t have to bother anymore to use config to cheat. The main feature of this menu mod application is its incredible Auto Headshot.

In addition to the auto headshot feature, there are many other cheat features such as aimbot, aim visible, wallhack, and many more. The point is you will be very easy to win or Booyah in the game. Because there are many cheat features that will help you defeat all the enemies that come your way.

How to use it?

Free Fire 2
Free Fire | Garena

How to use itself is very easy, you only need to download it. Before installing Novuz FF, you must make sure that you have activated the installation of unknown sources on your cellphone. So that later the application can be installed normally and can finally be used.

Open the Free Fire game on your cellphone, after opening the game, also open the installed Novuz FF application. Later a shortcut will appear that displays many cheat options that you can use. Call it like auto headshot, auto aim, and various other cheats.

Are There Risks In Its Use?

Terban Account | Garena

Garena strictly prohibits the use of third-party applications in playing Free Fire, including cheating applications. Novuz FF is also included in one of the very dangerous FF cheat application categories for your account. Of course, if the rules are included there will be such a thing as punishment or sanctions.

For players who persist in using this cheat application, their account can be permanently banned. Not only accounts, the HP you use in playing can also be banned by Garena. So our advice, play healthy and don’t need to use additional applications.

Well, that’s the discussion about Novuz FF, the versatile Free Fire cheat application. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda or install the application on the Play Store so you don’t miss other Free Fire Tips from us.