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Note! You can get Zilong Storm Rider 515 M-World skin for free on this date

As a form of celebration for the 515 M-World Mobile Legends event, Moonton presents Zilong’s new skin “Storm Rider” for free.

All Mobile Legends players have the opportunity to get a Zilong skin that looks like anime this is no need to bother top up Diamonds.

As we know, Mobile Legends event 515 M-World is currently taking place which presents a series of skin cool for some Mobile Legends heroes.

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As we discussed earlier, three Mobile Legends heroes, namely Wanwan, Ling, and Yin, received skin which changed their appearance to look like anime.

But three skin You can only get this exclusive 515 M-World by buying it at the Shop using Diamonds. Nonetheless, Moonton has also prepared skin free for Mobile Legends players who like freebies.

The appearance of the newest Zilong skin in the game

Enliven skin themed 515 M-World, Moonton presents Zilong “Storm Rider” for all Mobile Legends players.

Save the date carefully, skin new Zilong which looks similar anime it’s coming June 29 – June 5, and of course it’s FREE!