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Not Nana, This is Starlight Skin Leak for August 2022!

Not Nana, This is Starlight Skin Leak for August 2022!

Even though it’s only June 2022, Moonton has certainly prepared a lot of skins that they will release in the next few months.

Starting from skin collectors and even starlight skins which they routinely release every month.

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Interestingly, the leak regarding the starlight skin for August was officially revealed and will fall on this one hero.

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Nathan Get Starlight Skin

Photo via Mobile Legends Update

The hero who will get the starlight skin in August 2022 turns out to be Nathan and not Nana.

The reason is, Nana herself will almost certainly get her starlight skin in the upcoming July.

Meanwhile, Natan’s own skin will have a futuristic theme in the form of how it looks, as can be seen from the armor he wears with a bright red bandage.

Not only that, the skin will also be coated with gold decorations that will make Natan’s starlight skin look very luxurious.

When Will It Be Released?


Just like starlight skins in general, this skin will almost certainly be released on August 1, 2022 at 15:00 WIB.

Meanwhile, the price will still be pegged at 550 diamonds for regular starlight members and 1100 diamonds for starlight plus members.

Seeing these cool skins and various other prizes that you can get, of course there is no reason for you not to buy these skins.

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