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Not Layla, This is the Weakest Marksman (MM) Hero Currently in Mobile Legends!

Not Layla, This is the Weakest Marksman (MM) Hero Currently in Mobile Legends!

The role of marksman in Mobile Legends certainly cannot be underestimated because it can be said to have a very important role for now in the Land of Dawn.

With META Tanks currently still very popular, marksman itself is often used as a mainstay weapon when there is a stalemate that forces the game to continue into the dark. late games.

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It is not surprising that currently the strongest marksman is used and the weakest will be left to be let go.

One of the marksman heroes who is considered weak is Layla, but interestingly it turns out that there are other marksman heroes who are much weaker than that hero.

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Granger Becomes the Weakest Marksman in Mobile Legends

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The hero is Granger, who is now one of the forgotten marksman.

Based on statistical data on the percentage of wins released through the official Mobile Legends website, Granger has the worst record by being in a distended position.

He himself only pocketed a winning percentage of 44.28% as well as being the current weakest hero in Mobile Legends.

Meanwhile, Layla is in the 2nd position of the current weakest Marksman in Mobile Legends with a winning percentage 46.58%.

This is certainly not surprising, considering that Granger himself is more suitable to be used as a jungler.

But as META shifted, it became so ineffective that it made Granger vulnerable to defeat.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Granger is the current weakest marksman hero in Mobile Legends.

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