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Not Just BTR & ION, These Teams Also Minus Points in PMPL ID Season 2!

Did you know that a few days ago it was reported that BTR and ION got minus points in PMPL ID Season 2?

And in fact it made PMPL fans curious because the 2 big teams lacked their points.

It turns out that in PMPL ID Season 2 so far, minus points are often obtained by several teams.

Not only BTR and ION, but other teams also get minus points or so-called Indisciplinary Point.

This is done by PMPL for teams who do not follow the rules that have been made, or violate the rules.

Minus Points In PMPL ID Season 2!

From Week 1 since it first started, minus points have actually been obtained by the 24 teams.

It’s just that, starting from Week 3, there have been a lot of point deductions by several teams for not following the rules that have been made.

Here’s the list,

Week 3 (don’t wear PMPL costume for 1 round)

  • Aura Esports (-5)
  • Morph Team (-5)
  • RRQ Ryu (-5)
  • 21 esports (-5)

Week 4 (don’t wear PMPL costume when Scrim)

Week 5 (not wearing PMPL costume for 1 round)

Week 6 (not following the cream)

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The teams above are those who did not follow the rules given by the PMPL during the tournament.

Excluding the BTR and ION cases, the above cases are minus points earned due to the teams’ mistakes in the tournament rules in-game.

Unlike the case of BTR and ION, which are errors that occur outside of the game PMPL ID Season 2.

Regulations in PMPL ID Season 2

Knowing that there is a reduction in points as above, we come to know some mandatory rules that must be followed by players.

PMPL Regular Season

So in that match, the players had to wearing costumes provided by PMPL for the characters.

Therefore, a lot of teams are hit by fouls, because they may forget to change their costumes before the game.

Besides that, it seems that the pro players, must follow Scrim implemented, and must not skip scrim.

The proof is that BTR was penalized, guys, because 3 players did not participate in Scrim at Week 6 yesterday.

Well, what do you think? It turns out that the PMPL committee is cruel, the rules are very strict!

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