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Not Julian, This is the Strongest Hero in the Mythic Tier in June 2022!

Not Julian, This is the Strongest Hero in the Mythic Tier in June 2022!

It is undeniable that Julian is currently the scariest hero in Mobile Legends.

Because after being officially released by Moonton at the end of last month, the last hero from Forsaken Light managed to dominate the Land of Dawn with the various skills he had.

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However, interestingly it turns out that Julian is not the strongest hero currently in Mobile Legends, but this one hero.

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Masha Becomes the Strongest Hero

Hero ML Anti Recall Masha
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Interestingly, the strongest hero for now in Mobile Legends is Masha, who indeed received a buff some time ago.

The reason is, if you look at the win ratio, the fighter hero becomes the hero with the highest win rate in Mobile Legends in June 2022 at the Mythic tier and above.

Masha herself has a win rate of 65.2%, while Julian, who is considered an OP hero, is currently ranked 3rd with a win rate of 61.49%.

Photo via Mobile Legends

This is certainly not surprising considering that currently Masha is still a very annoying hero in the Land of Dawn.

He himself does have a variety of skills that of course can riot against opponents even from the beginning of the game.

When using his 1st skill, he can increase his movement speed up to 30% and get extra physical damage when using his basic attack.

In addition, his 2nd skill is able to give a slow effect of 40% for 2 seconds when the skill hits the opponent.

Even Masha also has an ultimate that is capable of dealing major damage as well as a slow effect of up to 90% for 1 second which will certainly make the opponent not move.

Interestingly, he also has the ability to heal when his energy is fully charged which of course makes Masha very difficult to beat.

So, that’s the current strongest hero in Mobile Legends for June 2022. Interested in trying Spinners?

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